Manifesting Mandala For 2022

Maybe you have a specific goal you want to manifest, or you just want to tap into some great vibes as an overview for 2022... Whatever you're wanting to focus on, I'll be creating a unique mandala artwork embedded with your manifestation energy. On a 1:1 call, we will explore a real-time visualisation of your manifestation - don’t worry if you don’t know how to do that, I’ll help get the sparks flying!


Think of it like creating a Pinterest board, but instead of pinning other people’s pictures, you’ll visualise and actually feel it attracting to you! It’s not uncommon to have new specifics and things reveal themselves during our call, it’s the art of curiosity at play. I simply act as the artistic translator to connect YOU to your own manifesting frequency. You'll then receive a high quality A4 print of your Manifesting Mandala Artwork, which acts as an artistic affirmation. 




  1. Book a time for your 45 minute Zoom call from the calendar
  2. You'll receive a Zoom address for your 1:1 call with me via email
  3. 1:1 Zoom call lasts 45 minutes
  4. After the call you will receive your unique mandala artwork via email (within 48 hours)
  5. Check your postbox for a physical delivery of your print (between 2-3 weeks)
  6. Frame / hang your A4 mandala artwork in a special place to remind you of your own magic
  7. Allow the manifestation to materialise




Your artwork will be made specifically for you, with your own personal mandala on it. Available in either black or white card, you can choose to have simple monochrome or with a gold-foiled print.