Murals Videos

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I love getting lost in mandalas... there’s something calming about the way everything swirls and grows from the centre, layer upon layer, revealing it’s unique personality only at completion. I never know completely how these pieces will end up, but I go in with an idea of the feeling I want it to evoke. I create my big wall mandalas by laying out lots of measured dots - it’s super tedious to plan it all out, but it gives me the ability to then create the actual artwork completely freehand and in the moment.

I think of these dots like little stars that need to be connected one by one to reveal a whole constellation. It’s clear to me that the process is not unlike all the things, people and seasons of our lives, weaved together over time to reveal an entire life spliced together with moments of the brightest lights, contrasted by shadows. An illuminated existence that we dance with every day in creation.