My love for Mandalas went into overdrive in May 2016. I committed to drawing 1 mandala each day for May and the is the result. Each piece was painted each day and every single mandala artwork is accompanied by a story / meaning. The artworks were uploaded daily and sold through my online store with 50% of dollars made going to The Kindling Foundation to help a community of orphans get an education in South Africa. You can read about the whole project, including the individual meanings of each piece at and also buy the final few artworks still available.


"Mandala A Day May.... Mandala A Day May... Mandala A Day May..."

I heard it ticking around half-past 2015, smack bang in the middle of the gap year that ultimately landed me here. I didn't exactly know where I was going to end up (though I saw a flash of it all when I was 8 years old - more on that later), but that's the point of a sabbatical - to take a break from the routine, to refresh, to renew. Luckily, the company I work for was kind enough to give me paid leave, in complete support of my ventures into the unknown. And by company, I mean Me.