Morgan Joanel | Art Music 2020

Morgan Joanel

"It's rare to meet someone who's a natural in more than one creative area"
- Adrian Breakspear, ARIA Award Winning Producer / Gang of Youths


NEXT RELEASE: Wind Me Up / August 14 2020 (Single/Independent)

Australian musician and visual artist, Morgan Joanel, lives with one foot in the ‘real’ world and one foot dipped in the golden waters of cataclysmic creativity. With her upcoming single Wind Me Up, Morgan invites you into this hybrid world of dreams and reality, with a taster of what you can expect from her long awaited concept EP release, Night Blooms, in late 2020.

Blessed with a smokey, honey-toned voice, Morgan's alt-pop music has an alluring quality, highlighted especially in her evocative live performances where live looping of layered harmonies, beats, keys and guitars showcase her musical abilities - something that caught the eye of international star Anne-Marie. After catching the solo artist play an intimate show in Perth, UK sensation Anne-Marie personally asked Morgan to play her Perth show the following night. Having already toured Australia supporting international superstars Adam Lambert, Jason Derulo and Newton Faulkner, hand-picked for her captivating performances, it seems things are steadily falling into place for the emergence of something new entirely.

Morgan is a visual artist as well as musician and created the stop-motion animation lyric video for her last single release Disappear:


From a creatively frustrating experience signed to the world's largest major label to the freedom and artistic limitlessness of her own independence, Morgan is merging both music and art into a multi-dimensional vision. The concept: a 5 track EP with visual artworks to expand on the music; was funded entirely by her widespread fanbase through a hugely successful Kickstarter.





FOR MEDIA ENQUIRES: Jessa Hudson at Midnight Muse PR

Disappear, co-produced with award winning producer Dave Parkin (Abbe May, Tired Lion), is both a song about players who only love you when they’re playing… and the idea that if you don’t honour the muse of inspiration enough to turn your ideas into reality - she’ll disappear. It’s this multi-perspective approach that fuels Morgan to create both music and visual art simultaneously for each ‘thing’ she brings to life. For her latest single, the artist made an animated stop motion lyric video, teasing of the world she creates from.



Most recently in 2019, after walking away from a major label recording contract and diving deep into making visual art, it was UK sensation Anne-Marie who wandered into an intimate acoustic gig Morgan was playing and personally asked her to open her sold-out Perth show the following night. 




With the EP, Night Blooms, landing in May, you can expect to see visual artworks, including paintings, videos and interactive pieces come together in a live performance cinematic experience of music, art and storytelling. And in the meantime, you’re invited to watch across the social universe as the adventure comes to life through the hands of @morganjoanel with her latest single, Disappear.


Disappear is available on all streaming services now.

Listen here.

For fans of: Florence and the Machine, Vera Blue, Lana Del Rey






FOR MEDIA ENQUIRES: Jessa Hudson at Midnight Muse PR