"TRANSPIRE" Original Canvas

This piece was a commission for a private collector to the value of $500

Acrylic on canvas measuring 91cm x 91cm


There is a piece of the universe within your skin. 
You don’t own it, it is on loan. For a tiny slice of time, it is yours to dance with, create with and share with the rest of us.

You know this.

Wrapped in muscle and flesh, cosmic sparks rush through your veins, pulsing out patterns to the rhythm of your own heartbeat. You feel it when a piece of music stirs in you something unrecognisable, yet somehow familiar… When a movie opens the door to your imagination, inspiring your curiosity. When poetry and words on a page click open the latch to your own secret garden…

To create is not to do, it is simply to reveal all that transpires within our skin. It’s the chaos, the storms and the kind of deep, electrifying love that lights up the darkest of skies like an asteroid exploding with desire. All the contrast and raging seas that live behind our veils, aching to be seen, heard, created into something physical. You have stories to tell. So tell them. Keep telling them until your last breath, when your little piece of the Universe goes back out into the unknown and it is no longer yours to play with. Let your magic be seen by the world while you are here to give it. We need it 🌏

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