Mandala Muse Oracle Deck

The Mandala Muse Oracle Deck of 56 Cards. Unlock your intuition and dance with The Muse.

Each card in this immaculate deck is an original artwork I've hand-drawn and painted over the past 7 years of working with the incredible art of mandalas. Finally, the journey has come together to be digitised into this dark rainbow of an oracle deck. The cards follow the colourways and intuitive guidance of the 7 chakras, and have written meanings on the back of each card.

Choose the artwork you are most drawn to and flip it over to reveal written musings inviting you to open the doors of perception. Ignite the wildsparks of your imagination.

  • Cards measure: 8.9cm x 14.6cm
  • High gloss finish
  • Rigid box container
  • Written meanings include the related chakra


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