・・・・R E ∆ L I † Y ・ IS ・ ∆N ・ ∆ R † ・・・・ C Ø L Ø U R ・ Ø U † S I D E ・ † H E ・ L I N E S

Custom Mandala Tattoo (Reserve)

The usual total cost for a custom MANDALA tattoo design is between $100-$200, depending on the size and details you're wanting.

If you would like animals or other specific things added, and if you want me to work with an existing tattoo, please know it may be a little more than above, depending on the details you're waiting - but all requests are welcome!

This listing is for a non-refundable reserve deposit ($50) to be paid up front, the remaining amount to be paid upon completion. Please fill in the below form below with your idea and concept for your individual quote.

The process of inking ourselves with symbols is an ancient idea. We are choosing pain through art to represent a positive, magical reminder that we are ALIVE and I LOVE creating custom Mandala tattoos for this reason!

Your mandala tattoo piece is created through a unique process I've developed - the final design is delivered as a digital file that you can take to your tattoo artist. I work with your energy to set your intentions right into the centre of your mandala, so your tattoo process can live on to be a reminder of a beautiful moment.


  • Once you've purchased your reserve, please FILL IN THIS FORM
  • I will then email you a final quote to begin the custom design process.
  • Your custom mandala tattoo design will be complete within 2-3 weeks.
  • I will email you a 'draft' at 60-70% complete.
  • After we agree the design is going the right way, I complete the mandala with more intricate details and email for your approval.
  • From here I can offer 1 change. Meaning, if there are specific different shading options you'd like to see or different shapes etc, I will adjust. At this point, no extreme changes can be made to the main structure / shape of the mandala, if you feel this is necessary or you require more changes, we will look at re-negotiating the original quote.
  • I will invoice you for the remaining payment and once paid you'll receive your final Mandala design as a high resolution jpeg file for you to print and take to your tattooist.

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