"Transition" White on Black A5

This high quality print is hand-foiled from an original artwork by Morgan Joanel. This shamanic inspired mandala is part of the Elder Forests Series.

  • 210gsm Black Card
  • A5 size
  • Chakra: Sacral
  • Vibration: Transition

Transitions are an inevitable part of life - but it is up to you how you move through each transition: Is it by choice or is it by force? Evolving from one stage to the next can sometimes be painful as the expansion stretches us, restructrues and sheds what is no longer necesary. This is a time where you are invited to hold trust. Trust that the process of nourishing yourself with experiences is ultimately feeding your future form, even if the experiences are particularly challenging.

Your attitude and perspective are the only things that truly inform the tone of this time and of the story of your life. This vibrant mandala is here to remind you thar there is a precious jewel in every expereince, even if it doesnt appear that way at the time. The magic of your challenges, and experiences are sometimes hidden beyond your comfirt zone and this mandala gives you the stregth to go alittle further. With the vibration of creativity you can open your -perspective; it’s time to dance through this transitionn like nobody’s watching! The music is vibing, the lights are low and the fires are burning bright! So just let go and spin into the flames of freedom.

In what areas have you got a tight grip, unwilling to let go simply becuase you don’t know what it is like not to hold on?


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