Personalized Mandala Reading + Artwork

*Note images are graphic representations as real gold foil is hard to photograph!

You can have a choice of simply clicking purchase and waiting for your personalised artwork and printed reading to arrive in the post, or opt to add a 45 minute Skype call with me where I actually do the reading with you and we have the chance to weave the conversation into the artwork.


  • A4 sized personalised artwork incorporating a unique gold foiled mandala and colour blend that relates to your specific reading reading
  • 2 page printed reading of what the mandala and colours relate to in your life / world / situation / relationship etc
  • Each artwork is tailored to your specific reading, with colours and art to reflect what it's about. Each element is hand created by me and turned into a high quality print finished with hand foiling and hand drawn elements
  • 45 minute Skype call to elaborate in person (if you choose this option)



  • I have created my own deck of cards that relate to the chakras, colour energies, elements and energetic signatures
  • The reading will expand your situation to look at what area you could look at in your life and which secret energy is wanting to be in the spotlight. 


Once you've purchased your reading / reading + Skype, I will email you. If you want this artwork to represent something in particular, just reply to the email. If you've chosen to add a Skype call, reply to the email so we can add the reading to our calendars.

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