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May 31st Mandala ORIGINAL

  • MAY 31st MANDALA / #31 of 31
  • Measures 19cm x 19cm
  • Chakras: All
  • Colour: 7 Spectrum Rainbow
  • Vibration: Unity

    When we truly believe something is possible, it becomes a knowing. And when we know something is possible, we must open ourselves to greater awareness in order to see all the possible steps and paths leading towards the gold at the end of the rainbow. This gateway provides a gravity to your awareness, uniting your physical reality with the vibrant streams of your wildest imagination. This mandala calls forward everything you need for your adventures: passion, patience, courage, gratitude, strength and adaptability. All of your past experience can now unite with future possibilities, anchoring you freely into each new moment as you create a reality so magnificent even you (right now) wouldn’t believe how incredible it all turns out!


    Created as part of the project Mandala-a-Day-May, this is the original art piece Morgan Joanel hand drew.

    50% of the sale of this piece will assure that 42 orphaned children in South Africa are provided with an education, thanks to Kindling, an Australian Not-For-Profit based out of Melbourne Australia.

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