MadMay Series: Mandala 29 "Presence"

  • Colour: Violet
  • Vibration: Presence
  • A5 print with written meaning

Sometimes we find clarity whilst playing in the shadows and what we once thought was real now appears as it truly is. If this happens in the dark undercurrents, it can feel extremely hard to know which way is up. It’s, of course, easy to look outside ourselves for answers, direction and solution, but the truth is we hold the keys to every unlocked door within us. The only thing to do now is to draw on your own strength and intuition, trusting that the sun will rise on a new day. This mandala gives you the grounding to begin to recognise your own presence - which is something you can take wherever you go and attracts others who also hold their own presence. This is gateway is one of deep healing within.

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