MadMay Series: Mandala 28 "Unveiling"

  • Chakra: Third Eye
  • Vibration: Unveiling
  • A5 print with written meaning

Just beyond what seems to "be" lays “what is”. This mandala brings deeper truth to the forefront, sometimes in ways we “don’t like”. But it asks you the question: if you are a part of something you don’t like, is it showing up that way to push you into action to change the situation? Revealing the underlying and unseen details can be confronting, especially if it means taking a risk for the ultimate good, but it is neccesary to see more than meets the eye for the greater harmony of everything. Ask yourself: Does your loyalty lay with making others happy or making yourself happy? And remember: Nothing great ever came from within your comfort zone. All is being revealed as it should.

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