MadMay Series: Mandala 24 "Cultivation"

  • Chakra: Sacral
  • Vibration: Cultivation
  • A5 print with written meaning

This mandala looks deeper into what you are creating, reminding you to be clear about your intentions and not to overlook the need to continue growing. The first flowering of a seed planted long ago can appear to be the gift of success, but is it? We can get so excited when the first shoot appears that we may forget to tend to the soil, allowing weeds to intertwine and take hold of the roots, growing gardens of doubt instead of love. This mandala asks you to dig a little deeper and ask yourself, why did I plant this seed? What was I hoping for with this? Have I created what I set out to do? Do I need to do more work to get where I want to be? Be truthful and clear with this and your garden of desires will flourish from the attention.


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