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May 30th Mandala ORIGINAL

  • MAY 30th MANDALA / #30 of 31
  • Measures 21cm x 14cm
  • Vibration: Possibility

Every once in a while we get a flash of something so wild, so vibrant and so deeply radiant, it reminds us that anything is possible. If we’re unable to hold the vibratin for long enough it can seem like a dream, and if we rush too fast to put the whole thing together, we can be tripped on the tightrope as we’re learning to fly. Seeing the big picture in all it’s glory at any moment can sometimes overwhelm us and rattle our bones to the core. How am I to reach this picture from where I stand now? This mandala gateway is one of rememberence, to hold you just long enough in the vibration of infinite possibility in any given moment, encouraging you to let go of resistance and to allow the clues to reveal themselves as you continue on your adventure into the unknown. Strap yourself in, it’s gonna be a wild ride!

Created as part of the project Mandala-a-Day-May, this is the original art piece Morgan Joanel hand drew.

50% of the sale of this piece will assure that 42 orphaned children in South Africa are provided with an education, thanks to Kindling, an Australian Not-For-Profit based out of Melbourne Australia.

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