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May 17th Mandala ORIGINAL

  • MAY 17th MANDALA / #17 of 31
  • Measures 21cm x 14cm.
  • Chakra: Solar Plexus
  • Vibration: Calm

As we wade through the waters of uncertainty or confusion, we may be searching for a compass outside of ourselves. Or perhaps we haven’t even jumped into the waters because we can see they’re rough or too wild for what we believe we can handle. This mandala has come from a deep sense of calm and brings a steadiness to anything you are encountering. Whether you are caught in the nets of chaos or drama, or you simply want to hold more peace in your heart through the wild waters of freedom, this mandala gives you access to hidden pockets of calm that you may not have even known you hold within yourself. This is the eye of your storm.


Created as part of the project Mandala-a-Day-May, this is the original art piece Morgan Joanel hand drew.

50% of the sale of this piece will assure that 42 orphaned children in South Africa are provided with an education, thanks to Kindling, an Australian Not-For-Profit based out of Melbourne Australia.

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