MadMay Series:Mandala 11: "Commitment"

  • Chakra: Heart
  • Vibration: Commitment
  • A5 print with written meaning 

It’s easy to give up. To shut off your dreams. To stray from commitment. Sometimes we need a flip of perspective to see that despite what we thought was the right path, we may have actually been straying from the commitment we have to ourselves - to our greatest lives. It often takes a mirror to show us what we don’t like, to recognise that we are in something that isn’t fullfilling. And when the door opens to a heart connection, we get a glimpe of what is possible. We each must take our own steps, in our own time on our own journeys. But if we are lucky enough to see the reflection of infinity through the heart, we can only bring the best out in others, and therefore in ourselves. Full circle.

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