This is for you if you already know the goal you want to reach or the specific thing you want in 2022. Your Manifesting Mandala will be embedded with this energy. Even if you don’t know how or when this will happen, this is what our Zoom Chat will be about.

On a 1:1 call, we will explore a real-time visualisation of the specific goal you want to manifest. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do that, I’ll help get the sparks flying! Through curiosity, you’ll move into the space of pure creation and by the end, you’ll be feeling the exact cross-point of your manifestation! This is what I’ll embed into your own unique mandala artwork. Through our call I’ll be the artistic translator of your dream, creating a mandala artwork to represent your manifestation goal. We’ll set a time-frame for your goal, remove any blocks that may be tricking you into thinking it’s not possible and I’ll share some secrets with you of how the mandala works to manifest your desired magic.



  1. Purchase your Manifesting Mandala
  2. Book a time for your 45 minute Zoom call from the calendar
  3. Jump on the call, explore and create your dream in real time
  4. After the call I will deliver your unique mandala artwork digitally (within 48 hours)
  5. Your physical print will arrive by mail within 2-3 weeks

**PLEASE NOTE: Your A4 print will be on your choice of black or white high quality card. The mandala will be foiled in gold, silver or white. This will be your choice. See images for examples, keep in mind your mandala will be unique and not a copy of any examples.