The Intuitive Art of Mandalas E-Guide


With audio visual aspects, this practical interactive e-guide gives you the tools and techniques to begin drawing your OWN mandala masterpieces - no previous artistic skill required. We'll dive into the background and psychology of mandalas and get into a manifesting mindset.

You'll receive the guide in email form over 4 weeks, giving you access to new video content, printable aspects and other goodies to amplify your intuition. This is completely self paced so you don't need to keep up with the emails, and once you've got them, you'll always have them, so do this in your own way in your own time.



  • The basics of Mandalas, their meanings and the psychology behind these ancient designs
  • How to create a Manifesting Mindset and set intentions with your mandalas
  • Practical guides for how to draw your own mandalas
  • Printable templates for drawing
  • Printable colouring templates
  • Video inspiration and examples
  • Workbooks to accompany your artistic and intuitive adventures
  • Manifesting, mindset and inspiration galleries and resources
  • Personal stories of wild manifestations and synchronicities to get you amped