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Mandala Reading

AVAILABILITY for JANUARY 2019 now open
Please note: Once you purchase, I will email you and we'll work out the best time for the Skype call. I'm currently based in Perth, Western Australia until April 2019 but these readings are available for all time-zones. If we are able to meet in person then it would be preferential.
  • 45 minute session with Morgan (in person or on Skype)
  • Individual mandala artwork is created for you
  • Original artwork is posted to you with foiled accents
  • Written manifestation is delivered with the artwork

Don't know exactly what you want? That's cool, we’ll figure out. During the reading I will use cards, colours and symbols to access your full expression, exploring your relationship with the chakras, the balance of masculine and feminine energies and connections between your physical life and your inner world.

 *Please note: Your mandala artwork will be A4 size, with colour combinations and a foiled mandala artwork

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