Logo Design 50% Deposit

NOTE: THIS PRICE IS ONLY VALID FOR BOOKINGS MADE BEFORE THE END OF OCTOBER. Note, this is a non-refundable deposit as I will deliver you work based on this payment.

The total amount for your logo is $222. 

  1. Purchase your 50% deposit ($111)
  3. I'll email in response to your form answers and we'll lock in a delivery time for your artwork
  4. I will send you a design at around 50-70% complete
  5. You will provide feedback on the initial artwork
  6. I will finish your design and once you've paid the outstanding amount ($111) I will deliver all relevant files to you over email.

*Please note, if you wish to have more revisions or substantially change the direction of design once we've started, you will be charged an hourly rate and before I move forward I will give you the estimate of how much time and $$ this will likely be so all parties are happy to proceed. This substantially reduced rate is for a simple monochrome logo unless otherwise specified before I begin work. If you wish to have colours and other graphic design work, there will be a seperate charge.