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Expand Your Reading

So you've got your personal mandala, and your mini reading and now you're ready to manifest all that you desire... But maybe you'd like a little further guidance on things you can do to open the flow even faster? Perhaps you can't seem to see the thing that's blocking your path of clarity. 

I find that talking in person allows a much faster flow of intuition as we can co-create the manifestation in the moment. As I've just tapped into the vibes for your goals, it's usually best to take advantage of this Expanded Reading within 2 weeks.

This very special offer is only for you, as someone who has already cracked open the scene with a personal Mini Mandala Reading. You'll notice this care package is not available on my website and the offer is at a special rate just for you... I would love for you to feel your own deeper guidance in shifting perspectives on things, moving blockages from your view and tightening up your focus on all that you wish to manifest. 

In this call we will dive deeper into your goals to bring more clarity to the desires, and if necessary, adjust perspectives that may be blocking your way.

  • The call is 30 minutes
  • Once you've purchased, you will receive an email with a link to calendar and you can choose the times that suit you best
  • We will concentrate mostly on what has come up with your reading, however if at any point you wish to focus on something new we can do that!

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