A one-on-one brainstorm session that I like to call a Dreamstorm. During our discovery session, we'll explore and expand on ideas you have. By the time we finish up, you'll be anchored into your starting point with clarity on what options you can build on going forward. Your potential is ENDLESS, lets tap into it and make sh#t happen - it's easier than you think.

The frequency: I have extensive experience in the music industry as an independent and major label recording artist, national tour management and publicity. In the fashion industry I'm self taught in design and have collaborated with major brands with manufacturing of jewellery and clothing. In the art industry I've experience with exhibitions, freelance painting of large scale murals, workshops and live-painting at festivals. 


- 1.5 Hours (in person or via video call)

- Recap document emailed to you with points/suggestions we discussed

- Option to continue further mentor program

Once purchased you'll receive calendar availability - session must be booked within 3 weeks to avoid missing out, momentum moves fast, so only book if you're serious.