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Custom Business Logo (Reserve)

The total cost for a custom logo will depend on your usage of the logo and will be quoted accordingly. 

This listing is for a reserve deposit ($120) to be paid up front, the remaining amount to be paid upon completion. Please email with your idea and concept for your individual quote.

Mandalas are incredibly powerful designs, and the word literally means "Circular figure representing the Universe". If your business is your Universe, and the logo is going to be seen - you could think of it as a homing device - something to attract and draw people to you. These are the kind of intentions I can set into your custom mandala business logo.

We work together to set intentions into the design and I create a unique mandala to represent the magic you are bringing to the world through your business. You may be surprised at how the momentum you will feel from the whole process for you personally and also for your business.


  • Once your deposit has cleared in Paypal your custom mandala will be complete within 2-3 weeks.
  • If you want to talk about your design, we'll organise a Skype call
  • I'll send you an email with some questions and based on the info you provide I create the mandala structure and email you a 'draft' at 60-70% complete.
  • After we check everything's on track, I complete the mandala with more intricate details and email for your approval.
  • From here I can offer 1 change. Meaning, if there are specific different shading options you'd like to see or different shapes etc, I will adjust. At this point, no extreme changes can be made to the main structure / shape of the mandala, if you feel this is necessary or you require more changes, we will look at re-negotiating the original quote.
  • I will invoice you fro the remaining payment and once paid, you'll receive your final Mandala design as a high resolution jpeg or pdf file for you to use in any way you like for your business.
  • You then OWN the design and can use in any way you like.

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