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Change of Direction Gold Foil Mandala PRINT

This high quality print is hand-foiled from an original artwork by Morgan Joanel. This mandala is part of the Elder Forests Series
  • 210gsm Black Card
  • Real gold foil artwork
  • A4 size
  • Chakra: Root
  • Vibration: Change of Direction

The seasons of our lives are always changing but sometimes we become so accustomed to the rhyhm of them that we forget how to lean into the winds of change. The winds of change are always blowing through at different strengths in different seasons, and sometimes we can get caught up in the seeking of shelter instead of the seeking of adventure. This mandala is one for entering into yourself as the world spins around you, so that YOU can become the shelter needed, no matter how strong the winds of change are. When you are lost, this vibration helps you to gently unlock deeper awareness of your own patterns and seasons, allowing you to move into the flow of life with a feeling of safety as things begin to change. Where once you felt fear, you now can transmute that into adrenaline for the unknown; an empowering way to harness the natural resistance to letting go and change. True balance comes from stretching through change, recognising our own shelter and our own storms whilst still partaking in the bigger picture around us.

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