・・・・R E ∆ L I † Y ・ IS ・ ∆N ・ ∆ R † ・・・・ C Ø L Ø U R ・ Ø U † S I D E ・ † H E ・ L I N E S


This May 2018, I'll be creating a Mandala everyday for all of May: 31 Days, 31 Mandalas. Each item I create (it won't just be art on paper) will become available in some way here in my online store and a percentage of profits will be donated to an organisation supporting mental health in the arts. 

This is SO important to me and close to my heart... Whilst battling with some pretty wild creative demons over the past few years I got completely locked up inside and just couldn't seem to breathe... But in the darkness I truly learned a lot and now as I spin through new projects and weave towards new dreams, I want to share some of that gold. 

The MadMay Project is a place I can create new works and share stories about my experiences, some of the struggles and some of the magic and I hope that by doing this, it will encourage anyone who is stuck to remember that the bigger picture will come together and that for everything light, there must be darkness to allow the illumination. Because: Contrast. And that it really is just one foot in front of there other...

 The whole project will be created as I go, live-streamed and shared across social media platforms. And if you'd like to get involved with an interactive art piece - please add your name and email to the form below so I can include you!


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