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A Backstage Pass to Your Intuition


Welcome to the mystical and ancient art of Mandalas.
Keys to unlocking the doors of perception.
A backstage pass to the wild and limitless world of your intuition.

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With a bunch of cool audio visual aspects, this practical and interactive e-guide will give you all the tools and techniques to begin drawing your OWN mandala masterpieces - no previous artistic skill required. We'll dive into the background and psychology of mandalas and get into a manifesting mindset. You'll receive 1 email each week for 4 weeks, giving you access to new video content, printable aspects and other goodies to amplify your intuition. There will be manifesting stories, inspiration and resources galore and wrapping up the course we'll get together for a live music stream and Q+A. Oh, and you'll have the chance to be part of a real-time art piece... More on that inside.

who . what . when

Artist, musician + mandala addict Morgan Joanel will be your guide.
You'll receive everything digitally, via email. 
First instalment is rolling out on June 13th, 2017.

"When Morgan first introduced me to mandalas, I thought I'd never be able to do what she does (I was wrong). I thought it was cool but surely only beneficial to a 'creative person' like her (wrong again). I've come to learn that there is a special energy around these beautiful geometric creations and they can have a next-level impact on every part of your being. Morgan uses mandalas to shift energy, fuel her passion and bring dreams to life. And she's going to teach you how to do it for yourself. The Mandala Muse E-Guide is a no brainer, watch your life change and your creativity explode as Morgan guides you to take your own personal magic to a whole new level.”

- Katherine Mackenzie Smith   | Coach, Writer, Speaker

So what's the $27 Introductory Offer?

I want YOU to help me create this into something really special...

I'm inviting a small number of people to take part in the introductory e-guide for mandalas. Truth is - there's an endless amount of directions and tangents this concept could go, so I want you to try it out and help me craft the kind of e-course that will excite you the most! And when I say tangents, we're talkin' Mandalas for manifesting, attracting abundance, balancing chakras, working with crystals, business planning, attracting love, finding your voice - OH THE LIST GOES ON.

The never-to-be-repeated introductory offer of $27 (instead of $59) and in return for some specific feedback, you'll get FREE ACCESS to the in-depth course that you'll actively help me create (landing in August 2017, valued at $89). 



  • The basics of Mandalas, their meanings and the psychology behind these ancient designs
  • How to create a Manifesting Mindset and set intentions with your mandalas
  • Practical guides for how to draw your own mandalas
  • Printable templates for drawing
  • Printable colouring templates
  • Video inspiration and examples
  • Workbooks to accompany your artistic and intuitive adventures
  • Personal stories of wild manifestations and synchronicities to get you amped
  • Live music stream + live Q+A session with Morgan Joanel
  • PLUS access to inspiration and resources
  • FREE ACCESS to the upcoming in-depth Mandala Course that you help me create, arriving August 2017

    I'm Morgan. I make music and art and I'll be your guide...

    Within this online course, I'll share how mandalas came to me, why they've had such an impact on my 'career' and the stranger-than-fiction synchronicities that weave through the ever-changing art piece that is my life. We'll explore how you can start to understand the 'mandala effect' that will likely begin showing up in your life. As your guide, I'll share personal stories of how I manifested crazy cool things like a $10k wardrobe, an all expenses paid trip to Hollywood (within 3 weeks), my own fashion collection (within 3 months) and a global music recording contract (within 9 months)...  

    Through the mandalas YOU create, you'll get in touch with your intuition and I believe you'll be able to start manifesting incredible things too! And hey, if you don't dig the mystical side of things, you'll still walk away with an incredible new talent and love for ART.







    I can't even draw a stick figure, will I be able to do this?

    YES. I guarantee you'll be mandala-ing right away. And if you're not satisfied, I'll gladly give your money back.

    How much time will this take?

    You want to allow at least an hour a week... There is no pressure to complete anything in the weekly time frames, how deeply you want to dive into this is completely up to you. At the end of the course you'll have access to all the content so you can review it at any point!

    What if I can't do it?

    I'm so confident you'll be creating masterpieces that I'm happy to refund your money if you're not satisfied!

    Why do I feel like I'm on acid?

    Ahhh yeah that's kinda normal... Just email me about this one, I'm here to help you navigate your new perspectives :)



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