I'm now taking bookings for large scale mural artworks for the remainder of 2017 and into 2018, Australia-wide. If you would like info about the process, timing, pricing structures and packages available (video, workshops, photoshoots) please email and I'll be able to give you a quote within a few days.

Each piece is custom designed for you and with you to enhance your space. I work in both monochrome and colour and always happy to incorporate your logo or specific features. I usually capture my artworks with video and soon will be sharing the stories of how these pieces came about. Take a look at my previous works below and hit me up if you have any questions or ideas - I'm ALWAYS open to collaborations.




This might be my favourite large scale mandala I've done. The space at Modo Yoga was serene and beautiful to paint in. This was the first mural I did in one massive chunk of time, over one day. 6 hours from start to finish! I then went on to host mandala workshops in the space.

The first mandala mural I painted for Body Ethos in Balmain, Sydney and I had the task of painting 2.4 metres high and loved every second of this 10+ hour piece. I also did 3 more artworks in this space and this design incorporates Body Ethos' logo and elements of their unique story.

"Do you know anyone who may want some artwork painted on their walls?" I hit send on the email and within 5 minutes, I got a call: " I was literally just looking at the blank wall in my new kinesiology space thinking, I need some artwork there, and your email came through. So ME, I do!". A couple of Shamanic journeys later and this piece evolved from a mandala to a whole story, collaborated with the incredible Claire Woodward.

I worked with the team at Body Ethos to create this geometric inspired mandala. For the space, we wanted something that felt empowering and full of momentum. Another huge 2.5 x 2.5 metres - I really loved measuring up all the lines to create such a mathematical and structured piece with a whole lot of details to create the full effect.