Lady Luck

April 05, 2018

Lady Luck

I think I am one of those people that other people would call lucky. The amount of synchronicities and 'coincidences' that I experience legitimately border on insane - which is why I have to share my stories, basically I need witnesses who can vouch that no, I am not (completely) crazy - this shit really does happen.

It hasn't always been that way for me, in fact, I truly thought I was cursed and the world was out to get me up until I was about 21. Lady Luck used to be a disgruntled cast member of my show, always in the background, always with the shitty bit parts, always being left out and shuffled off into the shadows. She was just kind of... bleh. Never really made an impact for good or bad... It took a series of 'good' things to wake me up and one of them was this little story...

This is a little story about Foxtel circa 2008. I'm the person who calls to connect Foxtel and is offered a deal that is so incredibly good it has to be too good to be true. (The kind of deal that doesn't exist on their website or ads, it's some special offer available by phone only and offers 2 months free viewing of all channels and instead of $20 a month for IQ, it's only $5 a month and if I pay that $5 a month I don't have to lock into a contract. OH, and of course they will waive the connection fee). Sign me UP!

Then, when the bill arrives with full amounts charged for all channels, a connection fee AND $20 for IQ, I'm the person that calls and repeats what I was told and requests what I was sold. Could you please fix this up, I'd really appreciate it. 

Turns out that deal WAS too good to be true.

And the guy on the other end of the phone is basically laughing at how absurd the deal sounds and says "If you're legitimately complaining about what you've been charged we will have to listen to the recording which will have recorded the whole conversation - so you will be exposed... And I'll have to get the manager involved"...

Cool. Get the manager involved. Have a listen to the recording. I know what I signed up for.

3 days later, when a very confused sounding manager calls, she's like...

"Um... I've had a listen to the recording and I honestly don't understand how this has happened. We don't actually have anything remotely like this deal available... The woman you spoke to, it seems she completely made up the deal she sold you. And unfortunately I'm going to have to honour you with the deal because it's what she sold you. But I want to make it clear that this is not at all available to anyone, we're only doing it because it's been recorded."

What is unfortunate for some, is fortunate for others. Morgan: 1 Foxtel: 0.

I guess I have this absolute belief that I should expect the unbelievable and so it always happens. And the other thing I know is  that I love a good story, so I always trust that the experience I'm having is simply piecing together a chapter that ultimately connects the bigger picture...


So, until the next one... :)

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